Take the opportunity and make use of some informal networking opportunities at the Annual Meeting to connect with fellow delegates. Below are a few suggestions for your consideration.

Early Career Meet & Greet*
Sunday, June 25
18:15 - 19:00
Adelaide Convention Centre

Exclusive networking session specifically for early career professionals. This session will provide a unique opportunity to forge connections, share experiences, and build a support network within the HTA community.

*By invitation only.

Sunday, June 25
19:00 - 22:00
Adelaide Convention Centre

Join us in welcoming colleagues and friends from around the world at the Adelaide Convention Centre with its beautiful evening view. Network with international attendees and start engaging conversations to revisit throughout the Annual Meeting.

A complimentary ticket to the Welcome Reception is included with every full Conference Registration.

Tuesday, June 27
19:30 - 24:00
Adelaide Oval

Spend an unforgettable evening at the Adelaide Oval. Enjoy a 3-course meal and an exclusive talk by Norman Swan. Connect with fellow delegates and show us your moves on the dancefloor.

Tickets can be purchased until June 15, as part of the registration process.

View walking map from Adelaide Convention Centre to Adelaide Oval

International Engagement Roundtable*
Monday, June 26
12:05 - 13:05
Gilbert Suite, ACC

This roundtable provides a platform for government officials from around the world to share insights and knowledge on HTA policy, methods, and regulation; as well as build new relationships and learn from peers.

*By invitation only.

Consumer Consultative Brunch
Tuesday, June 27
11:10 - 12:25
Gilbert Suite, ACC

Consumer focused presentation and a panel discussion, followed by a brunch & mingle.

This session is primarily targeted at consumers; however, it is open to all meeting attendees.

Monday, June 26 to Wednesday, June 28
Conference hours
Room Riverbank 2, ACC

HTAi has incorporated a Patient Lounge at the Annual Meeting. The Patient Lounge aims to facilitate a patient-friendly environment to improve the overall experience of patient delegates. The space is for registered patients to rest and refresh, which offers a number of accommodations specific to patient needs. 

*We ask all delegates to respect the Patient Lounge as a space exclusive to patients. The lounge will be accessible to all attendees registered as patient delegates.


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