All Workshops are taking place at the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences (AHMS) building - The University of Adelaide 

4 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Workshops are designed to share innovative experiences and practices, and to provide learning opportunities for our participants. They are half or full-day events that include interactive activities and focus on developing participants’ skills. 

Workshops can be booked through the regular Registration process. For delegates only interested in Workshops and not the actual Annual Meeting, please select 'Workshop Only' attendance in the registration process. 

WS01 - Research Oriented Market Access for Adopting High-Cost Therapies – Principles and Practice 

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Jeff Round, Erin Kirwin, Sasha van Katwyk
Summary: Health technology assessment (HTA) uses evidence appraisal and economic evaluation to inform decision-making. Standard HTA processes i) can struggle to support decisions which involve significant uncertainty and ii) do not encourage reassessment based on new evidence. We have developed the Research Oriented Market Access framework, which addresses these challenges and provides new tools to decision-makers, improving outcomes for all stakeholders.

WS02 - Introduction to Ethics in Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Pietro Refolo, Bart Bloemen, Ken Bond, Drew Allen Carter, Björn Hofmann, Sharon Kessels, Dario Sacchini, Lars Sandman, Michal Stanak,  Gert Jan van der Wilt
Summary: The relevance of incorporating ethical analysis into HTA is increasingly acknowledged not only because many health technologies raise ethical, legal and social issues but also because HTA is an ‘evaluative process’ aimed at informing decision-making. This workshop offers a lively introduction to the role of ethics in HTA for people familiar with HTA, but not familiar with ethics in HTA.

WS03 - HTA 101: Introduction to Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Clifford Goodman
Summary: This popular workshop is updated and offered at all HTAi annual meetings.  It provides an understanding of important HTA concepts, methods, current issues, and trends to help attendees to engage fully in the annual meeting.  Good for those who are new to HTA and those who want a “refresher” course.  Course leader: Clifford Goodman, PhD, a past president of HTAi.

WS04 - Automation Tools to Improve the Speed of Conducting Systematic Reviews

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Justin Clark
Summary: To improve speed and quality, methodological innovations and automation tools have emerged to support many steps in the production of systematic reviews. We propose the following workshop which provides on overview of the tools developed at the IEBH that make up the suite of tools known as the Systematic Review Accelerator (SRA).

WS05 - Patient and Citizen Involvement in Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Ann Single, Anke Peggy Holtorf , Eunice Low, David Chandler, Sally Wortley, Janney Wale, Barry Liden, Ana Toledo Chavarri, Heidi Livingstone, Kate Morgan, Todd Stephenson
Summary: This workshop, led by the HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Interest Group (PCIG) begins with an introduction to key concepts, methods and approaches to patient involvement followed by a deeper exploration of key areas for harmonisation activities such as: training and capacity building; integrating patient preferences in HTA; valuing patient and public produced evidence, defining patient-centric HTA and measuring impact.

WS06 - Patient-Reported Outcomes for Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Richard De Abreu Lourenco, Brendan Mulhern, Rosalie Viney, Constanza Vargas, Rebecca Addo
Summary: PROs are a critical tool in the assessment of the impact of health technology and a key input to the assessment of efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness.  This workshop aims to develop participants' knowledge of PROs, how to choose between available tools, their role in clinical research and in informing HTA.

WS07 - Introduction to GRADE for Establishing the Certainty of Evidence in Systematic Reviews and Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Zachary Munn, Timothy Barker
Summary: This workshop is designed for health technology assessors, systematic reviewers, guideline developers and others wanting to learn more about GRADE methodology, particularly the creation of Summary of Findings tables and evidence profiles.

WS08 - An Introduction To Early Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Janet Bouttell, Andrew Partington
Summary: Alignment of clinical and policy approaches to HTA is supported by HTA that explores the value of health technologies from an early stage of development. This steers the development, research and implementation of technologies from multiple perspectives. In this workshop we provide a practical and interactive introduction to state-of-the-art methods to assess (potential) value before clinical evidence is available.

WS10 - The Road to Policy and Clinical Integration in Genomic Medicine, Advanced Diagnostics & Advanced Therapeutic Products

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Richard Charter
Summary: Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics can revolutionize healthcare.  However, the HTA of such technologies requires unique considerations.

WS11 - HTAi Interest Group on Rare Diseases – Developing a Workplan

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Karen Facey, Steve Pearson, Jim Thomson, Fleur Chandler, Nicole Millis, Sheela Upadhyaya, Eric Low, Alicia Granados, Vinciane Pirard, Alfonso Iorio, Monica Ferrie, Clare Stuart, Jessica Bean, Francois Houyez
Summary: Development of rare disease treatments is limited by small patient numbers, complex conditions and evolving clinical knowledge. This leads to uncertainties in generation of evidence that needs to be managed by HTA. This workshop will explore what a new HTAi Interest Group on Rare Diseases could do to share best practices internationally and develop new approaches for HTA.

WS12 - A Workshop to Learn About “Why” And “How” To Assess The Impacts Of Health Technology Assessment

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Tracy Merlin, Tara Schuller, Sophie Werkö, Sylvie Bouchard, Grace Li-Ying Huang, Erni Zurina Romli
Summary: Many HTA agencies evaluate the impact of their HTA reports, both to improve the internal production of HTA and the external use of the reports in decision making.  This workshop will share approaches to conceptualizing and measuring HTA impact.  Facilitated by senior practitioners at INAHTA member agencies, this session will include case study analysis to assess HTA impact.

WS13 - HTA of Artificial Intelligence: Experiences and Challenges

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Rossella Di Bidino, Dario Sacchini, Americo Cicchetti, Murilo Contó
Summary: Diffusion of AI-supported technologies (AI-HT) is rapidly increasing and becoming a reality in more and more clinical settings, to support practitioners in diagnosis, therapeutic decision-making, and predictions. But it’s yet not clear how (or if) HTA should be adapted to AI-HT. This workshop will try to respond by adopting a critical, multi-domain and multi-stakeholder approach and including real life examples.

WS14 - Engaging Stakeholders to Strengthen Health systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) moving towards Universal Health Coverage

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Jani Mueller, Anke Peggy Holtorf, Lauren Pretorius, Marilia Mastrocolla de Almeida Cardoso, NurFana Binti Mohamad
Summary: This co-creation workshop addresses current hurdles in LMICs with the aim to strengthen evidence-informed decision-making for achieving more sustainability and inclusiveness in health systems on the path to universal health coverage. The multi-stakeholder participants will spend exciting 3 hours designing together possible pathways to implement HTA processes that fit the context of LMICs.

WS15 - Values In Doing Assessments Of Healthcare Technologies (VALIDATE)

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Bart Bloemen, Carla Fernández Barceló, Pietro Refolo, Iñaki Gutiérrez Ibarluzea, Wija Oortwijn
Summary: HTA is widely seen as a specific type of policy-research. However, in its course of development it has failed to take account of crucially important insights from policy sciences. The VALIDATE (VALues In Doing Assessments of healthcare Technologies) approach aims to redress this and offers a framework for integrating stakeholder perspectives and ethical analysis in HTA.

WS16 - Advanced Workshop In Information Retrieval: New Challenges And Updated Approaches In Efficient HTA Literature Searching 

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Amanda Hodgson, Catherine Voutier, Siw Waffenschmidt, Justin Clark, Guido Zuccon
Summary: Join the HTAi Information Retrieval Group (IRG) for its advanced skills workshop. Learn from engaging speakers and expert searchers as we explore efficient search practices and opportunities to harmonize and align our efforts in Health Technology Assessment. A special focus this year will be highlighting the perspective of librarians, information specialists and researchers in the Australian HTA community.

WS17 - HTA 102 Hospital-Based HTA in the Life Cycle Approach Current Scenarios

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Americo Cicchetti, Marco Marchetti, Rossella Di Bidino, Iga Lipska, Laura Sampietro Colom, Guy Maddern, Andrey Avdeyev, Rabia Sucu, Ann Single
Summary: HTA when applied in a hospital context has to respond to similar and different issues than national/regional HTA. The proposed workshop aims to address these issues both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Case studies and tools will be shared. The final plenary session will allow to sum up, collect feedbacks from participant and open future discussions.

WS18 - Indigenous Populations and Health Technology Assessment – International Collaboration to Improve Knowledge, Health Policy and Equity

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Jane Thomas, Trevor Simpson, Dawn Casey, Gail Garvey, Kristen Howard, Nicole Mittman
Summary: Health technology assessment (HTA) aims to reduce inequities in the health system, but is it achieving this among Indigenous populations or increasing the gap in health and wellbeing outcomes? This workshop will bring together stakeholders’ experiences and current research regarding HTA and Indigenous populations to identify pathways for improving HTA to support better health outcomes for Indigenous populations.

WS19 - The Newcomer's Guide to HTA: Handbook for HTAi Early Career Network 

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Maoling Wei, Alric Ruether, Ken Bond, Jane Wale, David Hailey, Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea, Americo Cicchetti
Summary: The HTAi Early Career Network (ECN) interest Group develop a handbook for newcomers since 2019, which was drafted and reviewed by a group of dedicated contributors from current and/or previous leaders of HTAi, relevant global experts, and ECN teams, etc. The handbook is a source of information for the newcomer in HTA.

WS20 - All Things Publishing: Submitting to HTAi's Journal (IJTAHC) - What's your Article Type and Hot Topics in Publishing

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Wendy Babidge, Wim Goettsch, Sophie Werkö, Tara Schuller
Summary: Join Editors of HTAi's journal (IJTAHC) to update on key areas in publishing and submission of articles.
This session will comprise several short presentations, firstly highlighting the importance of IJTAHC to HTAi, describing article types for IJTAHC and other similar journals that will be followed by an interactive session where anonymized abstracts of articles will be reviewed by participants.

WS21 – Horizon Scanning for Technology Forecasting

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea, Hans Peter Dauben, Maxmillian Otte
Summary: Horizon Scanning, Early Awareness, identification of obsolete technologies and the visibility of data are the core mission of organisations that support Health Technology Assessment and other kind of health making processes. Horizon scanning supports decisions on the added value that new technologies could provide and anticipate impact health or economic on health systems.

WS22 - The Design Of Health Technology Assessment Processes Using Evidence-informed Deliberative Processes In Low and Middle Income Countries

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Wija Oortwijn, Maarten Jansen, Maryam Huda, Lyazzat Kosherbayeva
Summary: On their path towards universal health coverage, governments need to make choices in the design of HTA processes which may be challenging in countries that have limited experience with HTA. This workshop provides practical guidance on how to make these choices, informed by the theory of evidence-informed deliberative processes, international best practices and practical examples from several middle-income countries.


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