"A Turning Point for HTA? Sustainability, Networks and Innovation"

Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has undergone significant changes. Digital health solutions, personalized medicine, AI, nanotechnology, bioprinting, Big Data, and Multi-Omics are only a few examples of new technologies and innovations that have been acknowledged as potentially disruptive. These developments have created novel challenges for HTA agencies and, more than ever, their assessment will require a wide multiplicity of expertise.

HTA collaborative networks are uniquely placed to provide links between methodologists, patients, payers, clinicians, regulators, innovators, and policymakers to maximize synergies and explore opportunities to tackle emerging challenges for the health and wellbeing of people, of our society and, of course, to contribute towards sustainable development. 

Unquestionably, HTAi represents the arena where HTA stakeholders can have a dialogue on the development of tools and frameworks to assess healthcare technologies and related innovations. In this context, collaboration on a global scale is crucial to achieve meaningful results on sharing of data, generation of evidence, and building of regulatory mechanisms, without neglecting ethical and legal aspects. 

The HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting will focus on the opportunities and challenges for growing valuable networks for HTA and how collaboration could support the evaluation of innovative healthcare solutions through sharing. 

The program will explore:

  • How can we build pathways to fast-track innovation while minimizing risk?
  • Global Impact of the HTA related regulations (EU)
  • Causality Considerations
  • Integrating Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Enhancing HTA Capacity Building Initiatives for users and doers
  • Examining the Value of HTA in New Ways of Paying for Innovation
  • Addressing Challenges in Methods: Emerging Technologies, Multi-Omics, and Digital Solutions
  • Advancing Health Equity: Frameworks and Instruments
  • Links between HTA and Procurement
  • Identifying the new questions for HTA
  • HTAi invites you to join the leading minds in HTA to discuss and debate - A Turning Point for HTA? Sustainability, Networks and Innovation


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